Best New Restaurants in Miami

Best New Restaurants in Miami

Explore Miami's Culinary Scene with These Exciting New Dining Destinations

Erba Miami

Embark on a unique dining experience at Erba, where each meal commences with a charming presentation of garlicky butter accompanied by slices of delectable focaccia. The ambiance is set with the flickering rosemary sprig wick at the candle's center, creating a precious and delightful atmosphere. The combination of the gimmick and brilliance immediately captivates your senses, ensuring a meal that is both memorable and delicious.

LOG Miami

Located in Wynwood, LOG Miami offers a cozy cabin-like setting where almost every dish is expertly prepared using red oak wood. The restaurant boasts a grand fireplace, cozy blankets, and an overall chalet aesthetic that transports diners far from the tropical surroundings. Indulge in standout dishes such as the wagyu beef tartare with chili aioli, leeks pizza, and expertly char-grilled meats, all contributing to a dining experience that is both comforting and exquisite.


Brickell welcomes the renowned LA hotspot, Delilah, complete with bay views, a boat slip, elegant interiors, and a small stage for live entertainment. This celebrity magnet introduces Miami-inspired dishes like Cubano fritters, stone crab salad, and succulent suckling pig. Additionally, relish in beloved staples from other Delilah locations, including their world-famous chicken tenders and the tantalizing Kendall's Slutty Brownie, named after Bad Bunny's ex.


More than just a Japanese restaurant, Ogawa is a cultural enclave, offering a slice of Japanese soil and a unique embassy of flavors. The dining experience at Ogawa mirrors the intriguing blend of awkward yet humbling vibes, paralleling the complexity of the diverse textures and ingredients showcased in their provocative dishes. Immerse yourself in the culinary journey that Ogawa presents, where each bite is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry it represents.

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