Explore Miami's Finest Seafood Havens

 Explore Miami's Finest Seafood Havens

Explore Miami's seafood scene from La Mar's vibrant dishes to Ariete's unexpected treasures, Mignonette's casual sophistication, and The River Seafood Oyster Bar's unbeatable happy hours. Join us for a seafood adventure where Miami's finest redefine coastal dining at Klaw Restaurant & Rooftop Bar.

La Mar

In the heart of Miami, La Mar stands as a testament to culinary excellence with Executive Chef Gastón Acurio's renowned expertise from Peru. Yet, it's Chef Diego Oka who steals the spotlight, crafting Insta-worthy dishes that are as delightful to the taste buds as they are to the eyes. Specializing in local catches, La Mar boasts bright ceviches bursting with tangy citrus notes. The restaurant's balcony offers a spectacular view, adding a touch of seaside charm to your dining experience.


While not a conventional seafood haven, Ariete, led by Chef Michael Beltran, transcends expectations with a diverse menu that includes standout seafood creations. Indulge in wood-grilled oysters with uni butter, a crudo of smoked trout roe with crispy bonito, or the rare treat of a monkfish wellington—a testament to culinary originality that defines this fine-dining establishment.


Downtown's seafood bistro, Mignonette, presents a laid-back setting with an impressive array of oysters and delectable fish dishes. From buttery Connecticut-style lobster rolls to seafood towers, the menu caters to diverse tastes. While some dishes may reach the higher end, Mignonette also offers reasonably priced options, ensuring a satisfying experience whether you're indulging in luxurious Osetra caviar or savoring the freshness of their catch of the day.

The River Seafood Oyster Bar

A haven for bivalve enthusiasts, The River Seafood Oyster Bar captivates with an unbeatable half-priced-oyster happy hour. Beyond this tempting deal, the menu covers the entire seafood spectrum, featuring local and flown-in delicacies. Whether you opt for a simple crab cake or a lavish shellfish platter, The River Seafood Oyster Bar consistently delivers an exceptional seafood experience.

Klaw Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Klaw sets itself apart with a unique entrance showcasing live king crabs, ensuring diners witness the freshness of their future meal. The seafood spectacle continues with tableside de-shelling and artful arrangements of crimson crab legs, paired with optional herbed butter. While the historic bayfront building and premium dry-aged steaks are noteworthy, the star of the show remains the unforgettable, wallet-worthy king crabs that promise to steal every seafood lover's heart.

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